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Stakeholders in the Forest Product Development and Marketing Council (FPDMC)Stakeholders in the timber industry at the seminar yesterday.say that there needs to be an improvement in the efficiency of services offered by the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) and the Customs Department in order for there to be any real development in the industry.This was expressed at a seminar held yesterday at the Guyana Forestry Commission Headquarters, Kingston.In attendance at the forum were Assistant Commissioner of Forests, Kenny David; General Manager of Laparkan (freight forwarding division) Oscar Phillips; Republic Bank Senior credit personnel,Cheap Soccer Gear, Eon Grant and Marketing Agent, Theresa Madray.Stakeholders are generally convinced that Guyana’s timber sector is well positioned to supply a very lucrative Caribbean market, which is inherently characterized by low shipping, logistics and general transaction costs.Assistant Commissioner of Forests, Kenny David said the various issues raised by the stakeholders will be addressed.Meanwhile,Aaron Lynch Jersey, speaking on concerns noted by the GFC, David said all exporters (logs and lumber) must be in possession of a valid timber dealer’s licence. These licences are issued and renewed on an annual basis by the GFC.However, Furniture and craft items do not require a licence,Cheap NHL Jerseys Authentic, but exporters must submit relevant documents.Adding that all products to be exported must first be graded by an independent grader in accordance with the Grading Rules for hardwood, David said the GFC requires 48 hours notice prior to inspection.He noted that the inspection site must be approved by the GFC, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA),2018 NFL Draft Jersey, Central Housing and Planning Authority (CHPA) and Neighborhood Democratic Council (NDC) while being kept as close to the point of export as possible to reduce handling and degradationDavid noted that exporters are required to pay an export fee to the GFC based on the value of the product.This is calculated at two percent (2%) of the commercial value for dress lumber and 12 percent for logs. High value added products such as furniture do not attract this fee.He also said that the exporter is therefore only authorized to export the products approved on the export certificate and commercial invoice.Speaking on the issues of Marketing,WBC Jerseys 2017, Theresa Madray said there is a need to support promotion of value added products and conversion of waste into productive use, while also supporting programs and activities to develop a culture of quality production within the industry.She noted that persons should maintain timeliness and efficiency in the exportation process and ensure proper contractual agreements are entered into.Adding that the FPDMC assists other stakeholders by lending support,Chase Edmonds Jersey, Madray said that the organization arranges meetings with potential partners,World Cup Jerseys 2018, and also assists with providing product development, marketing and promotional guidance within the sector.General Manager of Laparkan (freight forwarding division) Oscar Phillips said all stakeholders who export must comply with the necessary requirements in order to protect the integrity of their products.Adding that any container bound for North America must be scanned by GRA and properly checked, Phillips said the reasons are to stymie terrorism and drug smuggling.“What we try to do is try to protect our shippers. CANU comes and do the necessary checks, while customer must also provide a Customs Authorization document accompanied by a packing list and invoice to the Terminal by way of the truck driver, Customs Broker or the shipping line,” Phillips said.

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