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Brad Kaaya Jersey ” Hanoman inquired.“No it took about half an hour









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The items, which were collected from the scene in which the remains of murdered Queen’s College student,Murdered: Neesa GopaulNeesa Gopaul were recovered, have been tendered as part of the evidence in the High Court trial of Bibi Shareema  Gopaul and Jarvis ‘Barry,’ Small.The duo is indicted for murder of the 16-year-old Queen’s College student, whose body was recovered at a location along the Soesdyke/Linden Highway days after she went missing.Yesterday Police witnesses testifying in the trial recounted that they had collected a number of items from the scene where the remains of the murdered teen were recovered.The soiled objects were also presented and tendered as evidence in the trial.In his evidence in chief,Ed Reed Jersey, Lance Corporal of Police, Germain Laundry, told the court that he was part of the team of policemen who visited the scene at the Emerald Tower Resort, along Soesdyke/Linden Highway on October 2, 2010.He recounted that he was on duty in October 2010, when he received information from ranks at the Timehri Police Station. As a result of the information he received, Laundry said that he visited the Emerald Tower Resort along with a party of policemen,Bill Lee Jersey, which consisted of “Corporal George,” and “Corporal Hosannah.”After describing the entrance and surroundings at the resort, Corporal Laundry said that he had noticedMurder Accused: Bibi Shareema Gopaula black suitcase bag floating in (Madewini) Creek situated north to south along the resort. The bag, the witness noted, was partly submerged in the water.Laundry said that upon close examination he noticed what appeared to be human hand hanging out of the bag. Upon further investigation, the policeman noted that there was a red rope tied around the bag. He said that the rope seemed to be attached to something which was acting as an anchor.The witness said that he did not know what the anchor was but he decided to cut the rope since the water level had covered most of his body.   Laundry, said that he brought the bag ashore with the assistance from police another rank.The witness detailed that the body of a female, a black gown and a Guyana Bank of Trade and Industry, (GBTI) early savers card, a GBTI bank book and a Guyanese passport in the name of Neesa Gopaul were unearthed.The female‘s head Laundry said appeared to bashed in.  He demonstrated what he meant after Justice Singh asked him to clarify.Laundry thereafter noted that he returned to scene on October 4, 2010 to retrieve the anchor— dumbbells (weights).Some of the items, which the witness said he took in his possession, were then presented as part of theMurdered Accused: Jarvis Barry Smallevidence.The soiled suitcase bag, a stained sheet, a black gown and the dumb bells were presented the Judge and Jury. Bibi Gopaul was again moved to tears as the items were showcased; she sat inches away from Small who made steady glances at the witness and courtroom audience. The soiled objects let off a stench causing members of the jury and courtroom audience to cover their noses.Under cross examination by Defence Attorney Glenn Hanoman, Laundry was questioned about his discovery of the dumb bells.The lawyer asked Laundry why he did not retrieve the weights the first time he visited the scene or on the following day which would have been October 3, 2010.In response Laundry said that he did not return to the Soesdyke/Linden Highway location the following day because he did not have a vehicle.On October 4, 2010 Laundry said that he arrived at the resort around 2: 00 pm and left there at approximately 4:00 pm after retrieving the weights.“So you are saying it took you two or three hours to get the dumb bells out of the water,” Hanoman inquired.“No it took about half an hour,” Laundry repliedThe policeman admitted that after retrieving the dumbbells that he did not lodge it immediately. He explained that the items were wet; he was waiting for the dumbbells to dry so he could have placed his marking on them.He said that he made an entry concerning the objects in the General Property Book at the Ruimveldt Police Station but could not recall the time he had made the entry.He was refreshed about the time he would have made the entry concerning lodging the items; it was 19:45 hours, on October 4, 2010.Hanoman then asked Laundry whether he knew if the dumbbells had been planted at the scene before he went to retrieve them.Prosecutor Diana Kaulesar objected to the question,Jae Crowder Jersey, noting that the defence was asking the witness to speculate. Her objection was upheld by Justice Singh.The attorney then asked Laundry if he had planted the dumbbells at the scene.“No sir,” the policeman said in response. The lawyer went on to ask the witness whether he had looked for the missing head.  Laundry responded in the affirmative. He said that he searched the entire area but did not find it.  The witness later agreed to that he did not know where the incident took place.Asked whether he asked persons living in the area whether they had seen or heard anything during his investigation, the witness said that he did not. He explained that he did not see the need to since persons were living quite a distance away from the resort.Laundry said too that he looked in the buildings on site of the resort during his investigation.Under Cross examination by Attorney George Thomas, Laundry said that he saw persons standing along the road as he was heading to the scene but he did not stop to ask them anything.A subsequent witness, Corporal Floyd Hossanah related to the court that the body of female was found inside the black suitcase bag which was recovered at the scene.The body,WBC Jerseys 2017, he said, had no head, was barefooted and was clad in a black top and black tights.He said that the body also had a black and blue mark on the arm.Upon further examination of the contents of the bag, the witness said that an Early Savers bank card, bank book and passport all in the name of Neesa Gopaul were unearthed.Those items were also tendered as part of the evidence yesterday.According to reports the teen’s body was found at Madewini Creek along the Soesdyke/Linden Highway on October 2, 2010.Gopaul’s body was tucked inside a suitcase,Authentic Buffalo Bills Jersey, which was partially submerged in the water. A rope was wrapped around the body and on its other end dumbbells were attached, apparently in an effort to keep the body under water.A family on an outing made the discovery when the members became aware of an offensive smell.Inside the suitcase, a passport (Number 0730108) bearing the name Neesa Lalita Gopaul, along with a bank card, was found.The teen’s mother Bibi and her former lover,2018 NFL Draft Jersey, Small, are on trial in the High Court in Georgetown before  Justice Navindra Singh and a mixed twelve member jury for the murder.Small is being represented by a team of lawyers including Glenn Hanoman, Bernard De Santos SC, Lyndon Amsterdam and Zanna Frank,Allen Iverson Jersey, while Gopaul is being represented by Attorney-at-Law, George Thomas. Attorneys, Diana Kaulesar, Stacy Goodings and Mercedes Thompson are presenting the State’s case.

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